As a health advocate, I can help you realize optimal health by listening to what your body is telling you using a variety of modalities. We are all individuals and our nutritional and health needs vary. We can work together to find what works best for you.

Should you choose to utilize a health advocate, you can expect to complete questionnaires addressing each system in your body. These are best completed before our first visit. I will then use the answers to look for areas that may be functioning at less than optimal levels. Most low-functioning areas can be gently corrected when supported with proper nutrition. Supporting our body systems with food and supplementation of vitamins and minerals when needed allows you to function better and have more energy to enjoy life. Follow-up visits are used to assess function and determine if or when changes need to be made. As a living breathing organism levels of stress and changes in our environment can alter our health needs.

I am a Traditional Doctor of Naturopathy and a Master Herbalist. My specialties are Naturopathy, Herbalism, EDS, Homeopathy, Vitamin and Mineral Balancing, along with Lifestyle and Nutritional Counseling. As a Holistic Health Professional, I DO NOT IDENTIFY, DIAGNOSE OR TREAT ANY DISEASE OR MEDICAL CONDITION. I focus on supporting you and your body systems to achieve optimal health.